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Winning Together One Step at a Time

Niwi gears you towards winning opportunities through our simple 4F25 system and our online support and training system.

Our vision at Niwi International is to be a global leader in the direct selling and network marketing industry.

We intend to achieve this with a combination of high quality health supplements and beverages as well as a personal care line, a state of the art generous and globally competitive compensation plan, a solid management team and, finally, a simple and executable success system.

Our Background

NIWI International was founded to allow individuals to participate and benefit from two “Global Mega-Growth Industries”, namely the health and wellness and the network marketing industries. These two industries are experiencing rapid growth as many individuals are realizing the value of protecting one’s health as well as developing secondary (and even primary) source of income.

The team at Niwi International have a combined experience of 75 years in the manufacturing sector, corporate management and the network marketing industry. They have combined their expertise together in one company in order to provide the members of NIWI International a solid and viable platform on which to build their home-based business on.

Our Belief

Another aspect of today’s world that Niwi International wants to strategically position itself and its members in is the growing (category) of online membership shopping and what we in Niwi call “profitable consumerism”.

Product consumption has always been part of daily life all over the world. By becoming a member of the Niwi “Consumer Club” And encouraging your friends and relatives to also become members, you are entitled to earn an income on what they consume.

At Niwi International, we are passionate about the network marketing industry. We believe that this is an industry that has a positive impact not only in the lives of our individual members, but also in the local economies where our members reside.

Building a community of world calibre leaders

Whether your goal is to have fun with friends and relatives and experience profitable consumerism, or to become a top caliber professional and earn elite level income… Niwi is for you!

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At Niwi, we promote a three-fold approach towards your success. These components work hand-in-hand to make your journey with us fruitful.


Jose S. Fabregas

Jose Fabregas has been involved in every aspect of the industry for over 26 years. He has developed a deep love, commitment and fascination with the networking world.

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Chief Operations Officer

Lara R. Bainco

Through her knowledge in handling different departments, experience in diverse environments, proven track record of excellent performance, her strong ability to lead change and integrate initiatives, her confidence & innovativeness as she handles challenges with grace and energy – these are qualities that will definitely contribute to the success of Niwi's global operations.

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Manufacturing Partners

Manufacturing Partner Enzyme Village

Enzyme Village was started by, Mr. Cheng Chin Chen in 1980. First known as Wu Sing Enzyme Industrial C0. LTD., it was renamed Enzyme Village in 1980 and is today one of the leading manufacturers of premier and high quality natural enzymes in Taiwan.

In 2003, Tony Cheng, the eldest son of Mr. Cheng Chin Chen, became President & CEO of Enzyme Village. Having grown up in the manufacturing industry and working in the various departments of Enzyme Village, it was a natural transition for him to take over the running of Enzyme Village. Over the past 15 years, he has grown the company so that now it is supplying customers in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Canada, USA, Japan, Switzerland and China.


Through a long time partnership and association with our founder and CEO’s father, Atty. Salvador Fabregas, Tony and Joe met in 2017. After several discussions about a common goal and vision to spread the message about the need for enzymes for total health for everyone, they came to an agreement that Enzyme Village will be the manufacturing partner for Niwi International. Tony and Enzyme Village are committed to support the activities and global market expansion of Niwi International.

Although Niwi’s flagship product will be Nature’s Wealth Liquid Enzymes, Niwi International and Enzyme Village will be continuously developing a product line of enzyme-based products. The product lines will range from healthy beverages and personal care.

Niwi International looks forward to a long and fruitful relationship with our manufacturing partner, Enzyme Village.


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