The Niwi Compensation Plan

Experience the rewards of our innovative compensation plan

Niwi’s compensation plan consists of 10 ways to get paid. Our plan was designed to give our members the most efficient, fair and generous compensation plans there is in today’s competitive global market

Our innovation on the already powerful hybrid compensation model

  • The Team Bonus structure, which rewards overall sales volume
  • And the Solid stability of the Unilevel Rewards Bonus
  • Both bonuses include powerful Royalty and Leadership Matching and generational bonuses
  • Finally, leaders and achievers will share in the Global Leadership Bonus

Member Benefits

As a Niwi International member, you have the opportunity to build and expand your Niwi Consumer Club in any country where Niwi operates.

As you build your Niwi organization globally using our 4F25 system, you will be fully compensated by using two of the most powerful pay structures used in the networking industry.

10 profit points

By combining the two plans, and the extra bonuses, Niwi’s powerful compensation plan has both large and immediate earning, as well as significant LONG-TERM residual income that all members deserve.

Way 1


As a Niwi member, you have the opportunity to get between 20-40% discounts on all our products, which you can in turn, sell to you retail customers.

Way 2

Direct Sponsorship Bonus

Anytime you sponsor a new member into the Niwi program, you receive a corresponding bonus based on the package that the new member chooses.

Way 3

Sponsorship Royalty

This is the one everyone LOVES! Anytime a new member registers in your group(up to the 7th level!), you receive a bonus! Even when you aren’t sponsoring…but you are helping and teaching your team how to sponsor…you receive royalties!

Way 4

Star Maker Bonus

Another favorite! Every single time you sponsor 2 friends and assist them to sponsor 2 of their friends…you receive GC (gift certificate) of up to $2,400 worth of free products!

Way 5

Team Bonus

Team up and grow your network. Build, lead, and motivate two business teams with one on your left and the other on your right, and you have the potential to earn up to US $25,000. (Paid Weekly)

Way 6

Team Bonus Check Match

Our plan rewards you for building up teams and leaders. Earn 10% of your leaders checks up to 4 generations!

Way 7

Unilevel Rewards Bonus

The heart and soul of the Niwi Compensation plan. Earn 7% up to 12 levels deep of the monthly volume of your group. This bonus is the one that pays monthly for years of residual income from your group’s total consumption and sales!

Way 8

Generational Builders Bonus

Earn 10% up to 4 levels deep as you go up the Elite ranks of Niwi.

Way 9

Global Leaders Bonus

Every month, Niwi will put into a bonus pool from WORLDWIDE sales volume and Niwi’s Elite rank holders earn shares and participate in the pool. You earn from global volume…even when you are building in your own country!

Way 10

Rank Advancement Bonus

As Niwi rewards it’s members who work their way into the Elite ranks, the ultimate reward is a one time Rank Advancement Bonus overtime one moves up the ranks. The total amount for this bonus is $100,000!