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Our simple and effective 4F25 system will inspire you to reach higher towards achieving your life goals.

The Opportunity

There is an abundance of networking opportunities that constantly barrage people, like you, who have come to the realization that networking is an excellent way to develop a secondary source of income. In many cases, it is a way to develop a steady stream of residual income.

Despite the fact that networking is an excellent way for the “ordinary Joe” to get ahead financially (to a more secure state of financial stability and financial freedom), there are more people who fail in this great industry than people who succeed in networking. As a matter of fact, the percentage of people who not only fail, but actually lose money in networking is a whopping 99.25 percent!

At Niwi International, we are not only extremely passionate about the networking industry, but we are also very committed to improving the percentage of people who succeed… who “WIN!”—in networking.

The 4F25


Our Approach

At Niwi, we promote a three-fold approach towards your success. These components work hand-in-hand to make your journey with us fruitful and truly rewarding.

Hybrid Compensation Plan

The first being, providing a modern, state-of-the-art, HYBRID compensation plan. Our HYBRID compensation plan has many features that make it one of the fairest and most generous compensation plans in the global networking industry. We have a compensation plan that greatly rewards our members who take the Niwi opportunity seriously, and also has benchmarks for these rewards (financial bonuses, car and travel incentives) that are reachable, and realistic for even the most (novice) members. We have designed our compensation plan to be a component in the whole Niwi program. This will allow our members to experience Profitable Consumerism. This is our way of bringing back what pure networking was originally intended to be.

Natural-Use Products

The second part of our approach that makes the Niwi opportunity stand out, is that we continually develop products that our members, their families, and their loved ones will purchase and consume organically. We always strive to make sure that our products are healthy, natural, delicious, and also deliver the results that we proudly claim. Of course, our products are competitively priced.

The combination of the first two components in our system eliminates the need of two of the most disliked aspects of networking: constant and massive recruiting, and continuous selling.

The Niwi Success Institute

The third part of our approach is our Niwi Success Institute (NSI). Every person that joins a networking opportunity wants and needs to succeed, aside from making money. However, most people never get to learn proper networking, as there is no “Networking 101” in any high school or university curriculum. This is one of the reasons why 99 percent of distributors fail. At Niwi International, we provide free access to the Niwi Success Institute to our distributors.

Our distributors have online and unlimited access to all the information and knowledge, insights, little tips and secrets that will greatly increase the probabilities of success, not only for themselves… but also their family and friends who will join them in their quest to succeed.

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We believe that this holistic and total approach will provide people who choose to join us, our distributors, a complete system that anyone can benefit from.

At Niwi International, we want our distributors to succeed. TO WIN!!!

Create the winning approach